ARSK's India Entry practice specializes in bringing international business to India with the objective of promoting the country as a preferred business destination.

ARSK works with a goal to form long-term, multi-dimensional relationships with its clients, the services, therefore, have been designed to create a portfolio that corresponds with every step in the India entry ladder. The portfolio includes the entire spectrum of services from an initial market mapping exercise to post entry support for operational optimization. The services can be clubbed under the following heads.

Pre Entry Services

The market study and the validation visit in conjunction act as a prelude to the India Entry Strategy as they are instrumental in identifying the entry option to be exercised that best aligns with the company's global vision.

  • Market exploration and validation visit
  • Entry option, develop skeletal business plan and India Entry Strategy

Implementation Services

Based on the pre-entry market mapping exercise, an informed choice of the entry option is made.Our expertise extends across the choice of entry and includes services that are best suited to make the choice a success.

Post Entry Services

India represents a huge business potential, a huge consuming class and a plethora of opportunities. However the diversity of the country also poses challenges aplenty. ARSKs expertise can help in putting together processes to ensure tracking and monitoring of critical costs that impact EBIT directly. An extension of the same is the interpretation of performance so that the same may be reported to the Board of Directors.

These include support in the form of:

  • Strategic inputs for performance enhancement.
  • Preparation of vision plan and translate to operational plan.
  • Constant and ongoing regulatory and statutory support
  • Identification of new market opportunities.
  • Administrative, Legal, HR, Accounting and Book Keeping and IT support.
  • Financial support (including organizing funds)
  • Assess and interpret overall company performance
  • Managing relationships and sales leads generations.
  • Public policy influencing

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