We divide every assignment in to three broad segments viz.,
Proposal Stage
Project Stage and
Implementation Stage.

At Proposal Stage, our methodology is to:

  • Clearly understand the client's requirements and determine how best to meet them
  • Agree with the client upfront the Proposed assignment's Objectives, Scope and Approach to be used and the End Product of our work.
  • Ensure that client's key operating managers review the proposed approach before finalization of the proposal.
  • Confirm that the client is fully committed to the engagement prior to project initiation
  • At Project Stage, our methodology is to:

  • To organize Project Team on a full time basis (if required along with the client's best and brightest people) and to organize the other resources required therefore.
  • Develop work program with the active participation of members of the Project Team.
  • Commence execution of the assignment and if need be, conduct Project Initiation Workshop.
  • Conduct preliminary review of the progress in execution of the assignment.
  • Confirm direction with the Management.
  • Conduct detailed review of the progress in execution of the assignment.
  • Submit Reports to the Management, Develop Implementation Plan and if need be, initiate pilot projects.
  • At Implementation Stage, our methodology is to:

  • Form "Change Management Team" from client's side to communicate the Change process.
  • Clearly document implementation plan outlining Key tasks, start / end dates and responsibilities.
  • Drive the change by "Change Management Team" and refine the plans based on experiences.
  • Close monitoring of the implementation phase.
  • Conduct (if need be) periodic "Implementation Audit" by ARSK